Destination Red is my brand new instrumental and the first off of my upcoming Destination Red album!

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Instrumentals-Tom Martini

So these are the songs that set it all in motion! Produced by Dan Malsch @ Soundmine Studios in the deep woods of Pennsylvania, Dan understood what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go and brought out these two instrumentals! It has led to endorsements, concerts, fans, publicity, and a whole lot of FUN along the way! Enjoy!


Distorted Voices

While living in Pennsylvania I was a part of a fun rock band named after my instrumental; Distorted Voices that was devoted to making good music! We played all over the NY-Pa-NJ areas and had a great following and someĀ  industry success. I miss playing with these guys and felt I needed to include a few songs while with them because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today! Much respect and love for all of them! Some former members that contributed as well: Steve Gosciniak-drums / Darin Boby-vocals were there and contributed to the writing and many shows along the way!

Here are a few songs either recorded at rehearsals, studio , or live but whichever song you like, know that we did too! Enjoy!

Chuck Oehler-Vocals/ Tom MartiniiGuitars/Dennis Stelling-Drums/Anthony Cardinale-Bass.